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At Schmidt Construction, we have developed a safety-minded workforce that believes nothing is more important than maintaining a safe work environment for each other and the public. Our goal is to have zero injuries and incidents while at work and home.

As a company, we will provide a safe place to work by training all employees in workplace safety. We provide all the necessary personal protective equipment to help protect each person as they work. All employees are expected to work in a safe and productive manner and we do hold every employee accountable for their actions.

All employees pledge to uphold these values by working safely and by taking personal responsibility for their safety.  Employees hold one another accountable to do the right thing every time.  We recently hit a milestone of 1 million plus man-hours worked without a lost time injury.

All employees are engaged in safety daily. We assess all risks prior to doing the work through a Job Hazard Analysis.



Schmidt Construction is committed to protecting our natural resources and reducing our environmental impact.