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Paving the Way to Colorado’s Future

If you drive roads or highways in Colorado’s Front Range region, or park your car in one of its parking lots, the chances are you’re on pavement constructed by Schmidt Construction Company. We are leaders in Colorado road construction, with technical services, quality control teams, expert project managers, and experienced paving crews that provide durable, quality products.



Colorado Road Construction Innovation

We pride ourselves on innovation. We develop new construction methods and paving materials in-house that are designed to meet specific projects.  Schmidt Construction Company builds reliable and lasting roads and parking lots.

This dedication to innovation and customization means we can offer products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We continuously monitor customer satisfaction through project review evaluations.


Consistent Results with Timely Performance

Construction is about quality and safety. Our quality control programs ensure that our paved surfaces and the safety of our projects are beyond reproach.

Budgeting and timing are intrinsically important to every construction project. We have a reputation for delivering our high-quality products and services on time and on budget.



Awards for Quality and Excellence
Our products and services have been recognized numerous times for their excellence by the following organizations: